YAC webThe Youth Advisory Council meets one Sunday night a month after the evening service at The Hub. This an open invitation committee. Any and all parents of students are invited and welcome to attend. The whole purpose for this monthly meeting is to equip and inform the parents and volunteers of our Student Ministry. We spend time in prayer, training, planning and dreaming. We would love for you, as a parent, to join us.

Parents, we are here to help. Please know that we want to help you, and we desperately need your help. We want to partner with you in raising your son or daughter. It is TUFF raising a teenager in today’s world. But the Bible clearly empowers you as parents to raise them, teach them, and nurture them…in connection with the local Body of Christ (the church).

We are excited about graduating young men and women who are equipped to change the world. We are excited about students being missionaries on their middle-school and high-school campuses. We are excited about working under the authority of Jesus Christ to turn our community toward HIM.

Please let us know if there is EVER anything we can do to assist you as parents.


Check out the links below for helpful Parent resources available online

The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding

Focus on the Family