Q: What kind of security system do you have?
A: We have a pager system for younger children and visitors and a claim ticket system for our preschoolers through second graders.

Q: What are some things that my child will do?
A: During the first hour of Sunday school they have a Bible Story and do a craft. During the second hour they have a present day story along with a color sheet. They also use puzzles, play dough, books and toys in each room.

Q: How many teachers are in each room?
A: There are two teachers in each of the one year old through five year old rooms.

Q: Will they have the same teacher each week?
A: Yes, the teachers are the same for Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. On Sunday evenings our nursery is staffed with parent volunteers.

Q: How will you find me if my child needs me?
A: All parents can be given a pager when their baby is dropped off in their class or you can provide us with your cell number and we will text or call you if you are needed.

Q: Where do I go to nurse my baby?
A: There is a nursing room located inside the bed baby room.

Q: How do I know if my baby’s diaper has been changed?
A: We have stickers that the teacher puts on the diaper after it has been changed.

Q: My child is potty training. How will I know that the first hour teacher will tell the second hour teacher?
A: We have stickers to put on the children if they are potty training.

Q: Do the kids get to go outside?
A: Yes, each class has an assigned playground time.

Q: Will my child have a snack?
A: All children have snacks at the end of the first hour. We serve Kix cereal and water.

Q: How do you let the teachers know if my child has an allergy?
A: We have stickers to put on them to alert each teacher of your child’s allergy.

Q: Is there a class for my child on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights?
A: On Sunday night there are classes for the babies through three years old. On Wednesday night there are classes for all ages.


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