At Underwood Baptist Church we have very high standards for teaching and caring for babies and young preschoolers. We know that so much spiritual development can take place during the very young years.  Some of the ways we seek to maintain quality involve:

An emphasis on teaching and not just “babysitting”.

– Every time we meet, every child hears about Jesus.
– Security procedures for leaving and picking up preschoolers, as well as a paging system for quick notification of parents when needed.
– Policies and procedures for cleanliness. A clean room with clean toys and equipment is one way of saying “you are important” to a child.
– Providing Bible teaching material for all Sunday School teachers of preschoolers.  Parents are given material to use at home to provide Biblical teaching for their child.


Sunday Morning

Sunday School
Time: 9:20 am & 10:20 am

Our Preschool Sunday School is designed to equip children with the basic knowledge of Bible stories and Bible truths.  Our goal is to teach each child about Jesus.  Application is made from scripture to everyday living.  We work to make children’s Bible study fun, creative and exciting.  Three, four and five-year-olds have an opportunity to participate in a weekly Memory Bible Verse program.


Wednesday Night

Little Lambs
Time: 6:30-7:30 pm

Our Little Lambs discipleship program focuses on building the character of God in the lives of preschoolers ages 1 1/2 to 3 years old.



We offer a church nursery for every Worship Service.  The  Nursery will open for Preschoolers ages Birth-3 years old during Worship Service.